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Oriya wedding ceremony begins with jayee

Oriya wedding is connected with the state of orissa. Oriya wedding are almost same as the other Hindu weddings. The traditions and customs are the essential and inner part of the Oriya wedding. The Oriya wedding twisted an unique feature that grooms mother does not participate in wedding ceremony. Oriya people are not excessive and extrovert. They believe in simplicity. They start their ceremony by keeping the worship of Lord Jagannath. They first placed their wedding card at the famous temple Puri. Oriya wedding traditions are carried out as pre wedding, wedding and post wedding ceremonies.

Pre wedding rituals
There are number of rituals which performed before the wedding day.

Jayee anukolo: TRX Italia the marriage. In this ceremony first card sent to the famous Temple puri and after that second card sent to the maternal uncle of the bride and groom.
Oriya wedding ceremony begins with jayee anukolo. Its the ceremony which marks as the commencement of

Mangan tradition: The mangan is another ritual performed during the pre wedding ceremony. In this ceremony, people bless the bride and apply turmeric paste on her body. After this ritual brides take a ceremonial bath.

Diya mangula pujo: Diya mangulo takes place at Devis temple where a female barber offered the bangles, sindoor, toe ring TRX Suspension Training and sari to the Goddess. The God invoked for a happy and long married life.

Barajatri and badhuaa Pani Gadhua: The arrival of the groom is known as Barajatri. Its the ceremonial convoy where groom, grooms family and friends arrive at the mandap along with glory and gaiety.

Wedding day rituals
Some rituals performed on the day of wedding.

Kanyadaan: In this ritual, the brides father gives her daughter hand to the grooms hand. This ceremony held at the TRX Trainer mandap which decorated with the flowers and leaves. The brides father gives his daughters hand with the promise that he will take care and protect from all the evils.

Haatha ghathi custom: Haatha ghathi is the seven vows ceremony. The bride and groom take around the sacred fire along with the mantras and shlokas.

Post wedding
There are some rituals which performed after the wedding ceremony.

Griha pravesh: The newly wed couple arrives at grooms house. The grooms family warmly receives the bride at her new home. This is the welcome ceremony known as Grahpravesh.

Astha mangalam: Astha mangalam ceremony performed on the eight day of the wedding. On this day newly married couple arrives at the brides house where brides mother serves delicious and yummy food.

Wedding attire of bride and groom

The bridal of Orissa wears a sari or lehenga in rich colors like red, maroon, pink, magenta and vibrant. The wedding sarees are usually made of cotton, silk and chiffon. The grooms wear a traditional dress dhoti. Dhoti is one of the major clothing items which they prefer for such events. The dhoti is one of the most elegant dresses for the occasion of wedding.

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